Name that Book Competition

Name That Book Team Makes it to Finals!
Posted on 05/08/2015

Name That Book is a library sponsored competition in which students read 30 books from a given list and then work in a team of 6.  The presenter gives them a quote and they have 45 seconds to decide from what book it was taken.  We do 4 semifinals in different regions of the district and then the highest scores go to the finals.  Our 3-4 team made it to the Finals where they competed against the other top teams in the District at MOC!

K-2 team

Abbas Lotf - Ms. Campbell
Christobal Olvera- Ms. L. Hernandez
Cytlali Alvizo-Lara - Ms. Banda
Isaias Salinas - Ms. Ehmling

Third grade - 3-4 Team

George Malaquias - Ms. Goijman
Brenda Salazar - Ms. Goijman
Josue Alvarez - Ms. Ortega
Jose Pena - Ms. Ortega
Vivian Perez - Ms. Davis
William Villanueva - Ms. Davis

NTB k-2

NTB at Grey

NTB k-2 pic

NTB practice