Attendance Race

Superhero Attendance Race
Posted on 02/02/2017

Attendance Race

By Virginia Anyanwu

The Ermel attendance committee knows that it is important for students to be at school every day, so they started a competition among the classes to see who can have the best attendance called the Superhero Attendance Race.  Each day when a class has perfect attendance they get to move their superhero forward one place.  At the end of the nine weeks, the class whose superhero is the farthest earns a grand prize for the whole class. So with this competition going on we can make sure that our students are coming to school at the expected time so they do not miss out on any important information given from their teachers. Also, we can also see which class that are behind on attendance and we want our students to get used to this competition so we can all try to lower their tardies and absences.  The classes that won show a great example that they all try to work hard for perfect attendance, and this hard work has won them a prize to show their dedication to their attendance. We all hope that by the end of the school year that that every class will have good attendance. The classes who won the Ice Cream, Popcorn or cookie party were:

4th grade- Ms. Davis

3rd Grade- Ms. Estrada

2nd Grade- Ms. Gutierrez

1st Grade- Ms. Golden

Kiner- Mr. Marrero

Congratulations to those classes and we hope to see some new classes receive the prize for the next 9 weeks.