Aldine Film Festival

Aldine Film Festival
Posted on 12/02/2015
film festival

ALDINE ISD has scheduled their first ever student film festival.  The event is set to take place during the second semester of the school year and will invite students in two different age groups to submit their original film work for judging.  The film festival will invite students in grades 7th-8th and students in grade 9th-12th to compete against each other.  Dr. Sara Ptomey, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Nguyen Bui, Director of Web Services, and Akilah Willery, Program Director of Instructional Technology, have all teamed up to help put this event together.  Video production helps students use their creativity, planning, and project management skills to produce a product that will be evaluated by a panel of judges.  Students will work under the supervision of a staff member but are expected to produce, edit, and package their film independently.  Films will be judged and the top 5 in each category will be screened the night of April 8th, 2016 in the MOC teaching theatre.  In addition, the event will be broadcast live on youtube making this event available for everyone to see.  The live broadcast team will be composed of students from the Davis High School Aviator Online, a student run video production team.  

Why a film festival for students?  Film making calls on students’ literacies of reading and writing with activities such as storyboarding, script writing and reading scripts which can provide further opportunity to strengthen these skills. Student motivation is positively impacted as students can be inspired when creating a film and learning skills regarding technology and digital literacy.  There are many skills required with creating film; such as planning, time management, communicating, collaborating, problem solving, and meeting deadlines.  When students create the product, they take ownership of their own learning and you understand in a different way.  Click Here to enter contest.