Ermel Mission

Ermel Mission

Ermel Elementary is dedicated to assuring that students and educators are prepared for the challenges of the future.  We will assure an education where students master the skills required at their grade level.   We will participate in opportunities for educators and parents to continue their own learning about how to best teach our children.  Specifically, our goals are:

  • To surpass the states student passing percentage on STAAR

  • To reduce the gap to 3% between specific student populations on district and state assessments

  • To integrate technology into the daily curriculum in order to enhance learning

  • To increase daily attendance to 98%

  • To promote positive behaviors for our students and decrease office visits by 25%

  • To promote a positive relationship between  parents and the community

  • To provide opportunities for students to connect their knowledge to real-life situations

  • To teach children to think creatively and critically

  • To provide every student with the academic and social skills necessary to attend college and secure the career of their choice.