Campus Recognition

2016-2017 Teacher of the Year


Jacob Elmhorst

I student taught in Aldine ISD in the spring of 2008 while attending the University of Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa.  In the fall of 2008 I began teaching 4th grade at Kujawa Elementary.  I taught 4th grade for 5 years at Kujawa before becoming the Instructional Technology Specialist at Ermel.  I enjoy working with all of the students during their computer rotation, tech club, morning announcements, GT program, TIESS Club and in the classrooms as I am assisting teachers with technology integration.  I love finding new ways to teach concepts to students so it is engaging for them and very rewarding when they have their moment of  success!

2015-2016 Met STAAR Standard

2014-2015 Met STAAR Standard

2013-2014 Met STAAR Standard

Math Distinction

 2012-2013 Met STAAR Standard
Math Distinction

2011-2012 *Recognized School
*New Accountability System- No Rating

2010-2011 Recognized School
Title 1 Distinguished School- Performance

2009-2010 Exemplary School
Title 1 Distinguished School- Performance

2008-2009 Exemplary School
Title 1 Distinguished School- Performace

2015-2016 Teacher of theYear
Elizabeth Cardozo

2014-2015 Teacher of the Year

Billie Davis

Billie Davis- 3rd Grade Teacher

I began my student teaching in Aldine ISD back in 2007 while attending University of Houston-Downtown.  A year later I received my first teaching job at Ermel Elementary and I'm currently on my seventh year of teaching.  I teach 3rd grade language arts classes which includes reading and writing. My colleagues voted for me to be teacher of the year because I'm always willing to share my knowledge for lesson ideas, activities, and advice.  I like to tell my students is that, " Each of you have a different learning style and pace.  Each of you are unique, not only capable of learning but capable of succeeding."