Curriculum Department

The Aldine C & I Department provides an aligned framework for all classroom instruction called the Model of Instruction. The curriculum program directors work to insure a complete alignment between the written curriculum, based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the taught curriculum, based on the district scope and sequence and planning calendars, and instructional resources, and the tested curriculum, from campus assessments to district benchmark assessments to the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), and End of Course (EOC) for students in grades 9 - 12. In addition, professional development aligned to the curriculum is offered throughout the instructional year and in the summer to allow teachers the opportunity to improve their instructional practices.

Aldine believes that it is important for all administrators, teachers, students, and parents to have an understanding of what each student is expected to learn during their academic career. The Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, curricular program directors, and classroom teachers work collaboratively to produce the district scope and sequence for all content areas, district assessments for each six weeks, many instructional resources to use in the classroom, and professional development opportunities.

Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Carlos Barron was named Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction in 2015 after serving as the Program Director for Secondary Mathematics.   Mr. Barron received his bachelor's degree from Sam Houston State University in 1999, and his master's degree from Sam Houston State University in 2004 in Mathematics.  He is currently certified as a principal.  During his career in Aldine ISD, he has served as a mathematics instructor, mathematics program director, and executive director of curriculum and instruction.  In addition, he has 8 years of teaching experience at LoneStar Montgomery College as a Mathematics adjunct.  Mr. Barron has 19 years of field experience in mathematics and 17 years of service dedicated to the students in Aldine ISD.

Below is a list of all program directors in Aldine ISD and their contact number.

Akilah Willery Executive Director of Instructional Technology Integration 281.985.6410
Alonda Jacks.Moorehead Program Director of Title I 281.985.7274
Amy Smith Program Director of Foreign Languages 281.985.6950
Maisha Guillory Program Director of Health Services 281.985.6411
Brooke Martin Program Director of Career and Technical Education 281.985.6652
Baron Hannsz Program Director of Secondary Mathematics 281.985.6406
Besabe' (Betsy) Haisler Executive Director of Multilingual Services 281.985.7370
Carlos Barrón Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction 281.985.6404
Catalina Lugo Multilingual Program Specialist 281.985.6208
Chamelia Robinson Program Director of Elementary Language Arts 281.985.6951
Chantay Smith Program Director of Elementary Mathematics 281.985.6417
Charlotte Davis Director of Guidance, Counseling, and At-Risk Students 281.985.6403
Christine Kujawa Multilingual Program Specialist 281.985.4768
Cindy Benge Program Director of High School Language Arts 281.985.6401
Cindy Buchanan  Program Director of Library Media Services 281.985.6415
Dametra Skinner Program Director of Middle School Mathematics 281.985.7174
Deborah Johnson Program Director of Secondary Social Studies 281.985.6409
Deborah McNeely Program Director of Response to Intervention Services 281.985.6953
Deborah Rivera Multilingual Program Specialist 281.985.6958
Denise Keaton Coordinator of Student Financial Aid 281.985.6408
Efrain Uribe Program Director of Elementary/Intermediate Guidance, Counseling & At-Risk Students 281.985.6425
Eric Levels Program Director of Online Programs 281.878.1588
Eva Carillo-Iniguez Multilingual Program Specialist 281.985.6452
Franklin Higgins Director of Career and Technical Education 281.985.6650
Greg Harper Program Director of Career and Technical Education 281.985.6123
Gwendolyn Lockett Program Director of Elementary/Intermediate Social Studies 281.985.6127
Isabel Hejazi Credit Recovery Coordinator 281.878.1589
Italia Cea Multilingual Program Specialist 281.985.4767
Jaime Guerra Program Director of Career and Technical Education 281.985.6646
Jamie Spates Multilingual Program Specialist 281.985.6413
Jeanette Alvarez Multilingual Program Specialist 281.985.6171
Jhalima Ibrahim District Translator 281.985.6436
Karen Krall Program Director of Secondary ESL Education 281.985.6621
Kiesha Taylor Director of Online Learning 281.878.1589
Kim Sinclair Dyslexia Program Director 281.985.7257
Latashia Abrams Program Director of Title I 281.985.6418
Lisa Edwards Program Director of Elementary Language Arts 281.985.6405
L'Tunya Bernard Program Director of Middle School Science 281.985.7962
Margaux Jones Program Director of Intermediate Language Arts 281.985.7960
Marissa Bueno Program Director of Elementary Mathematics 281.985.6952
Michaelann Kelley Program Director of Fine Arts 281.985.6421
Michelle Becwar Program Director of Middle School Language Arts 281.985.6402
Nancy Gauthier Program Director of Title I 281.985.6954
Olivia Boatner Director of Magnet Schools 281.985.6559
Rachel Briones Multilingual Program Specialist 281.985.6189
Robert Thomas Program Director of Career and Business Partnerships 281.985.6646
Shanaya Anderson Virtual School Coordinator 281.878.1588
Silvia Reyes Program Director of Secondary Guidance, Counseling & At-Risk Students 281.985.6416
Sonia Castro Multilingual Program Specialist 281.985.6619
Stephanie Knight Program Director of Intermediate Mathematics 281.985.7961
Tracy Mansfield Program Director of Elementary/Intermediate Science 281.985.6414
Twiana Collier Program Director of Advanced Academics 281.985.6649
Will Tillis Vocational Program Director 281.985.7229
Xandra Williams-Earlie Program Director of Secondary Science 281.985.6420

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