School Hours:
Office Phone Hours:
7:00 am - 3:30 pm
Office Business Hours:
7:00 am - 3:30 pm
Drop Off Time:
7:00 am - 7:35 am
Class Time:
7:35 am - 3:00 pm
Dismissal Begins:
3:00 pm

Homework Policy
Homework will be sent home Monday through Thursday.  
Homework is designed to have parent support as the child completes it.
Each grade level homework will not exceed the times below.
        1st Grade 15-20 minutes daily
2nd Grade 20 minutes daily
3rd Grade 30 minutes daily
4th Grade 40 minutes daily
        5th Grade                              40 minutes daily


For the entire school year, students need to keep their transportation tags. All students need name tags with their addresses and phone numbers. Transportation tags need to state how students are going home, what bus number, daycare name, etc.  


Dismissal Times:  

3:00 Pass out jackets and backpacks

3:05 Afternoon Announcements – students seated in classroom

3:05 Special Transportation

3:05 Daycare riders and Car Riders are dismissed

3:07 Walkers are dismissed

      3:10 Buses dismissed

There are 2 groups of walkers: Side A and Side B. Walkers A go down Woodsman Trail toward Inwood Dads Club should be escorted as far as to the tree in teacher’s parking lot entrance. Walkers B are taken to the crosswalk and walked across the street. Daycare riders will be dismissed to the LMC where they will wait for their daycare bus to pick them up.

Car riders will go to cafeteria.  Teachers on duty supervise students until the last one has been picked up.  Students still in car rider room at 3:25 will be taken to the front office and parents will need to come in to sign their child out from the office.

Bus riders will stay in their classroom or unit until their bus is called. Dismissal Map

Dress Code
Please click the link to see the district dress code information

dress code.pdf